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Camping Du Vieux Château : Pornic Aventure Accrobranche course
Camping Du Vieux Château : Rando Pornic

The Loire-Atlantique and its neighbour the Vendée are regions tailor-made for family holidays. First of all, the proximity of the sea, but also sites fitted out for children and adults! Here are some good addresses near our Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef campsite, but don’t hesitate to come to the Tourist Office for more information.

Pornic Aventure at the Val Saint Martin Lake

5 minutes from the city center, Pornic Adventure is a unique site with its 8 aquatic zip lines, its suspended bike courses, snowboard of the peaks, skim board, its rope workshops and its climbing wall … But Pornic Adventure is more than an accrobranche. It is above all an amusement park for the whole family. With football stadium, shooting range, bowling alley, water sports centre, hiking trails…06 16 05 55 36

Legendia Parc

Legendia Parc is in Frossay, 19 kilometres from the campsite (20 minutes by car). A journey to the land of legends with animals from children’s books: wolves, bears, unicorns… and totem animals. An animal and botanical park like no other. Once in Frossay, make a stop at Défi Nature, a leisure park that offers sports and fun activities. 02 40 39 75 06

Wild Planet

It is 36 kilometres from the campsite (28 minutes by car) and will keep you busy all day!

Planète Sauvage is a unique opportunity to take a tour of the animal world by discovering more than 1,000 animals in freedom in the heart of a preserved natural area.

Discover the 10km safari by car or on board a 4×4 truck, our favourite! Climb aboard a bush truck and let a guide tell you all about the animals of the park. You may leave the beaten track to get closer to the animals… an original and adventurous visit!

and the pedestrian part with dolphins presentation, Kirikou Village, Madagascar Island, and the novelty 2016: the Inca Trail which will make you travel to South America!

At Planète Sauvage, come and spend a day out of time, which you will remember for a long time. 02 40 04 82 82

Nature Challenge – Leisure Park

Défi Nature is next to the Sentier des Daims, in the commune of Frossay. On the programme: Escal’arbres from 2 years old, paintball, commando operation, riddle game, orientation course, arboretum and slack line! 02 40 39 79 59

Camping Du Vieux Château : Legendiaparc